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Welcome to Zi-Network!

Where we're empowering decentralized possibilities. Join us in revolutionizing the blockchain landscape with our next-generation platform, designed to provide enhanced performance, scalability, and security. Discover how Zi-Network paves the way for a brighter future in the decentralized world.

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Zi-Network Features ?

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A game-changing consensus model that combines Proof of Stake and Delegated Authority for a decentralized, secure, and high-performance network. Be part of the governance revolution!

Sharding Tech

Turbocharge your transactions with Zi-Network's cutting-edge sharding technology, ensuring unmatched scalability and efficiency.

Eco Staking

Stake sustainably with our innovative, energy-efficient staking algorithm. Save the planet while growing your assets!

Fair Fees

Experience Zi-Network's dynamic fee structure, offering transparent and fair transaction costs tailored to real-time network usage.


Bridge the gap with seamless cross-chain communication and asset transfers between various blockchain networks. Expand your horizons!


Empower your creativity with Zi-Network's advanced developer tools and multi-language support, perfect for building dApps and smart contracts.

Z-Swap 2.0

Dive into the next level of decentralized trading with our enhanced DEX platform, offering faster transactions, lower fees, and features for both beginners and pros.


Rest easy with Zi-Network's robust security measures, ensuring the safety of our platform, users, and assets.


Have your voice heard with Zi-Network's comprehensive governance model, enabling token holders to shape the ecosystem.


Explore a world of decentralized finance powered by Zi-Network's thriving ecosystem, from lending and borrowing to staking and yield farming. Embrace the future of finance!


Zi-Network's native token, Z-Network Token (ZNT), has a total supply of 500 million tokens. Of these, 400 million ZNT are circulating in the market for trading, staking, and other activities. The remaining tokens are reserved for development (25 million ZNT) and ecosystem support (75 million ZNT), ensuring continuous growth, improvement, and expansion of the Zi-Network ecosystem. This distribution caters to the needs of both new and experienced investors.

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OUR Roadmap

Zi - Network Project Timeline

Mid of Q2 2023

Concept Development

Concept development for Zi-Network Implementing PoSAD consensus mechanism Initial security audits
Mid of Q3 2023

Testnet Launch

Development of Z-Swap 2.0 platform Integration of cross-chain communication features Launch of the testnet
Mid of Q4 2023

Mainnet Deployment

Further security audits and improvements Implementation of advanced developer tooling Deployment of the Zi-Network mainnet
Mid of Q1 2024

Governance Model

Development and deployment of Zi-Network governance model Expansion of the DeFi ecosystem Marketing initiatives and community-building efforts
Mid of Q2 2024

Advanced Research

Advanced research on Zi-Network features SubQuery Builders/Grants Program SQT Network contract internal MVP
Mid of Q3 2024

App Beta Test

Public testnet launch Zi-Network Explorer and dApp Point-in-time indexing
Mid of Q4 2024

Token Generation

SQT token generation event Public incentivized testnet launch Data traffic insights and reporting
Mid of Q4 2024

Alpha Test

Launch of the Zi-Network Foundation Finalize research for other Layer-1 chains Liquidity mining program
Mid of Q4 2024

Mainnet Launch

Benefits Centralized exchange launch Public incentivized testnet
Mid of Q4 2024

Zi-Network Parthian

Operational Zi-Network launches its own parthian Zi-Network Foundation

Developer Tools

  • Unleash the potential of dApps on Zi-Network
  • Embrace the familiar with Ethereum-based tools
  • Fuel your creativity with Solidity, Vyper, and EVM bytecode
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Our team

The Zi - Team

Zane Irving

Founder & CO

Zack Preston

Chief Blockchain Architect

Zeke Carlson

Protocol Developer

Zander Morrison

DeFi Analyst